Female Golden Eagle in snow

Golden Eagles in Sweden

Golden Eagles in Sweden

Mid-February saw us in Sweden in search of Golden Eagles in Sweden. Temperatures on -19 greeted us as we headed north from the airport with our host. A late-night followed by a very early morning saw us set up in the hide before first light.

The hide setup is fantastic and whilst waiting for the eagles there is an abundance of small birds to photograph, the most striking being the Northern Bullfinch.

WPFA Team go to Sweden This is a link to some of the other species we encountered.

Day one did not produce any eagles, nor were there any sightings. Day two again found us in the hide before first light, set up quietly and waiting for the action to start, I noticed movement to the front of the hide, it was still very dark at this point. Typically a large female Golden Eagle had come in to feed and was sitting on the ground in front of the hide feeding.

She fed for almost 40 minutes, during which time she moved locations, alas the light was still 30 minutes behind her and she departed before the sun had come up. Thanks to the amazing capabilities of the Nikon D5, I was able to capture some images.