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A mountain hare photographed in the Cairngorms by Karen

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Leaping red squirrel photographed by Mike in Perthshire

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A tawny owl photographed by Mike in Lincolnshire

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Tawny owl at dusk

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Red Squirrel in early morning sun


Wildlife photography talks and presentations


Run a camera club or group interested in wildlife and or photography?

We provide informative and visually exciting wildlife photography talks and presentations for camera clubs or groups that have an interest in wildlife or photography.  Our exciting presentations can be from 30 minutes to 2 hours. We provide all the visual material and a presenter for the talk.

The WPFA team can also provide hands-on workshops for camera clubs, covering the techniques and equipment required for wildlife photography.  Ideally this is suited to a “location” evening or day, but we can run through the basics on a normal club evening at your usual venue.

Interested? have something specific in mind? Speak to us for further details. Contact us

You can see more of our work here: Examples of our work

Our cost for a talk/presentation of up to two hours is £120 plus as a modest charge of .25p per mile. (Maximum group size 80, for larger groups or longer presentation, please enquire)